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Skin Inc. magazine is the leading industry publication for the professional skin care industry, providing timely information about business solutions, skin science, treatment techniques and much more.

The Skin Inc. business unit serves professional skin care facility owners and managers, as well as their practicing estheticians, primarily in the United States and Canada, by providing cutting-edge, in-depth unbiased business and technical information in a variety of formats.


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 Press Releases

  • July 19, 2018 - Skin Inc. recently updated its advisory board to include six new spa and skin care professi­onals. The Skin Inc. Advisory Board serves as a sounding board to what is happening in the spa industry.

    These industry veterans provide Skin Inc. editors with expert input on given topics, contribute their thought leadership through articles and bring that thought leadership to life by presenting at Face & Body events nationwide.

    The six new additions to the 14 member advisory board include:

    1. Shannon Esau
    2. Lisa Jenks
    3. Erin Madigan-Fleck
    4. Marion Simms
    5. Lisa Stewart
    6. Sherrie Tennessee
  • December 5, 2017 - In 2018, Skin Inc. is celebrating our 30th Anniversary by celebrating 30 years of the spa industry. This year-long celebration is to honor the people, brands and businesses that made us who we are, and made the spa industry so great.

    To kick off our 30th Anniversary, I have been joined by five industry pioneers and some of our first authors on a podcast to take a look down the memory lane and a glance into the future. Exploring questions such as, what technology changed your career, how has the client changed over the past 30 years, how has esthetics evolved and more are:

    • Rebecca Gadberry
    • Mark Lees
    • Carol Phillips
    • Peter Pugliese, M.D.
    • Marion Simms
  • Skin Inc. is celebrating 30 years in the spa industry by honoring the brands, businesses and people that have been part of our journey and made this industry great. Voyage back in time with us to the infancy of the U.S. spa industry and see the milestones that have shaped what spa and skin care means today.
  • August 26, 2018 - Thirty, flirty and thriving has never been more true than with Skin Inc.'s 30th anniversary, but we gathered at Face & Body in San Jose, CA this year to celebrate even more than that. After putting together a panel of experts, we wanted to celebrate how this beautiful industry has grown and expanded over the last three decades, while grasping some insight onto what can come in the future.


  • Skinny on Skin Certification
    Cancer Education Certification...

  • Face & Body is partnering with IMPACT Melanoma to offer an on-site cancer education certification class that will allow attendees to become more knowledgeable in identifying signs of skin cancer.
  • Face & Body Spa Expo & Conference
    March 17-18, 2019 • Atlanta, Georgia
    July 28-29, 2019 • Rosemont, Illinois
    August 25-26, 2019 • San Jose, California...

  • Face & Body® Spa Expo & Conference

    Spa professionals gather at Face & Body Spa Expo & Conference for practical business solutions, trend information and the latest offerings and insights from leading industry suppliers. Be sure to join our mailing list for the latest event updates and promotions!

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